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With RenterView you can read or write reviews on your tenants or landlord. Giving you peace of mind to both the renter and the landlord!

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Even though landlords play a crucial role in the housing economy for the one third of Americans who rent their home, landlord-tenant relationships have a reputation for being tricky. Considering the fact that 41% of rental properties fall vacant for some reason every year, there is a real opportunity to improve the experience for both renters and landlords.

To address this, RenterView was created with the mission of promoting transparency and much-needed efficiency across the rental market. The app gives renters the opportunity to build their reputation with reviews from previous landlords so that they can be judged on more than just their credit score, as well as read reviews of their potential landlord. For landlords, the platform provides them with peace of mind when choosing tenants.

“RenterView came from an idea I’ve been thinking about for years now. Having been both a tenant and a landlord in my life, I’ve realized the industry was missing something. Credit scores and background checks don’t tell the full story of a tenant, and moving into a new rental knowing nothing about the landlord can be a little uneasy feeling,” commented RenterView creator Nick Sarro. “With RenterView, both parties can share their honest reviews to help future tenants or landlords.”